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Conversation Course

  Conversation Course

8 Academic Hours

ELS conversation classes consist of 8 hours of free conversation on topics in English. The conversation courses are designed for beginner students to advanced and to achieve fluency in speaking and listening. In order to develop the skills of listening and speaking in English, we provide our students with opportunities to talk about a variety of innovative and relevant topics. Students will grasp a tremendous amount of vocabulary through the role play, debate, conversation and presentation.

The topics students usually discuss ranges from cultural topics, hobbies, shopping, food, and business, as well. Students often work in small groups to allow more individuals the opportunity to speak. The conversation course must be complemented with other basic general English courses like the semi-intensive course.

Course Summary

Total Programs Hours 8 academic hours
Days per week 1 day. The program runs parallel to Semi-Intensive
Hours per day 2 hours
Study time options Every Thursday: Morning, Evening, Night

Course Fees

The course fees are 475 SR for 8 hours.

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