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Corporate Solutions

  Corporate Solutions

Having 50 years of experience in English education and a leader in English education world wide; we believe we are the best fit for your next English tutition. We had helped many organizations in the past to acheive their goals by providing ELS world class English programs and courses.

ELS Solutions for corporate and government agencies

Placement Testing Service Placement Testing ServiceMeasure your employee language skills

ELS Language Centers offer placement testign services for organizations and government agencies to meet their strategic goals. Many of our clients use this service to test new job applicants English proficiency level according to ELS international proficiency levels.

The process starts with sending a nominee list of candidates. Candidates has the option to take the placement test at any of our centers around the kingdom. We test the students in all English skills areas. ELS shares the results and outcomes in periodic reports to clients allowing them to obtain clearer view of their candidates language skills. Click here to know more about Placement Testing Service.

ELS clients who have benefited from this service, King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology. ELS had tested employees language skills before attending international workshops and trainings. Also Saudi Hollandi Bank used this service as a job entry level requirement.

Intensive English Course
Intensive English Course
Learn English at speed

ELS Intensive English courses is its flag ship course delivered for ELS corporate clients. The course, which is dedicated for employees, accelerates the language learning process through intensive training on full-time bases. The course aims to teach the language to provide companies with a competitive advantage in the market.

Candidates are exposed to all language skills; conversation, comprehension, structure, and writing in 6-hours intensive classes daily to complete 120 hours in one month. Intensive language training allows participants to rapidly learn the language and complete one proficiency level every month. 

Intensive English Course On-site English Language TrainingELS services at your location

At ELS offers our courses in-house as well as on-site training to suits the client’s needs. ELS academic consultation services can help in preparation of course materials specialized to the client industry. The academic consultation services includes experienced consultants, course materials preparation, teachers resource, and many other services that can help you to provide English language training at the place and time you prefer.

Intensive English Course Special English Language CoursesLanguage Training on industry terminologies

Specialcourse are customized courses designed for the industry needs thatallow participants not only to learn the language but also theassociated industry terminologies. ELS have arranged courses forprofessional accounts, English for military and security forces,English for nurses, English for maintenance and support crew.

Also English courses for receptionist and Public Relations (PR)officers had been delivered enabling them to perform their tasks inEnglish with confidence. ELS requires candidate to this course tocomplete proficiency level 105 before joining the Special EnglishLanguage Course.

Intensive English Course Semi-intensive English CoursesEnglish courses after working hours

ELS Semi-Intensive course is customized course for corporate being in private or public sector. The course is suited for employees to allow them study English at part-time basis. The course consists of eleven proficiency levels; each level is divided into three parts (A, B, C) and every part of a cycle consisting of 40 academic hours. ELS is known for its teaching methods by delivering the language skills: structure, listening, comprehension, and grammar. In ELS, we believe that the Language Technology Center (LTC) further develop the students language skills. In the Semi-intensive course, students complete three courses per one proficiency level. The program can be delivered in classes specialized for the client’s employees or shared with the general public.

Intensive English Course Language Courses abroad (USA and Canada)Learn English in USA, Canada or Australia

ELS Language Centers can help you with your next language training session abroad. Our services allows clients’ candidate to learn English either in United States of America, Canada or Australia. We believe that the international experience will equip your employees with the necessary language tools that they need.

ELS Language Centers can provide additional services such as candidate preparation courses that will help candidate to learn basic communication skills to use when they land at their destinations. Also our services extends to providing progress reports of your candidates learning process from attendance reports to skills assessments. Click here to visit Study USA website which will give a comprehensive information about this service.

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