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Language Technology Centers

  Language Technology Centers

language tech center

Your Personalized Learning Plan

ELS’ state-of-the-art Language Technology Centers (LTC) are available at all ELS centers. LTCs combine computer-supported learning with support from Center-based instructors who supervise your progress and assist with questions. In the LTC, you will get a chance to work on each aspect of your English skills; allowing you to focus on skills which require the most attention. Many of our students use the LTC for vocabulary development, listening comprehension, and pronunciation. LTCs provide individualized learning paths, specialized content and support, and attention to specific language challenges.

Language Technology Centers Include:

  • Latest-model personal computers with flat panel monitors and the capacity to record your voice
  • English learning programs that develop listening, speaking, reading, writing, and pronunciation skills
  • Grammar programs that explain important concepts in many different, easy-to-understand formats
  • Advanced listening programs that are based on real university lectures and presentations
  • Pronunciation programs for practice in individual sounds, intonation and stress
  • TOEFL® Prep listening excerpts designed to familiarize students with the content and format of the challenging TOEFL® iBT
  • Internet research capability for classroom projects and research papers
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