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ELS History

  ELS History

ELS Language Centers was founded over 50 years ago. ELS started its operations in Saudi Arabia in 1995 in Riyadh, and expanded its centers to Jeddah, and will soon be in Khobar (Click here for our locations in Saudi Arabia). Below are a few snapshots of our historical success.

The first ELS center in Riyadh The first ELS center in Saudi In 1995, we opened our first ELS Language Center in Riyadh in Al Bustan Mall (formally known as Al Oruba Plaza). Later in 2005, we relocated to AlTakhassussi Street. In 2011, we launched our first center in Jeddah.

The first 109 level graduates The first 109 level graduates After a few months we graduated our first batch of level 109 students, our highest level in ELS Saudi. Since then, it has been our mission to prepare students for an all-English environment.

Dedicated and trained professional staff Dedicated and trained professional staffSince we started we have made our vision clear that no one is better in teaching English than native speakers. This is why, our highly trained staffs speaks English as their first language, and we feel that they will help you to achieve your language goals.

ELS first brochure Our first brochure We still remember our first marketing campaign like never before, this is because our mission in ELS never changed. WE TEACH ENGLISH TO THE WORLD.
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